"Denis Donnelly has a love and knowledge of music that is impressive, and highly contagious. I have seen at first hand the way he brings together voices of all levels in a way that shows both his competence with the process of learning and his appreciation for the beauty of a finished piece. I recommend his work highly."

 David Whyte, Fortune 500 Consultant and best-selling author of "The Heart Aroused" and "Crossing the Unknown Sea"

"To witness, as I did in a small cottage in north Clare (Ireland) last Spring, the spine-tingling sounds of 40-odd people, under the guidance of Denis Donnelly, singing Zulu Chants, Irish and English Folk songs and American standards in perfect pitch and three and four part harmonies was, for me, an unforgettable moment. Imagine my surprise to learn that, just less than a week previous, these glorious singers had not even met and many had never sung in a group before!!.

"It takes a special genius to unlock such hidden musical talents; latent in so many of us. It takes a person with a deep understanding of music. A person who possesses the rare gift to motivate and move the human spirit and soul and a person who possesses the gift of insight coupled with an even rarer gift - that of the ability to help people achieve self-realization through the healing power of music. I believe that Denis Donnelly is such a person."

 PJ Curtis, Irish writer, broadcaster, and record producer of such artists as Altan, The Bothy Band, and Davy Spillane.

"It is an extraordinary gift when someone knows not only how to work with music but also knows how to inspire others to discover and participate in their own musicality. Denis has the ability to take a room full of people who may have thought of themselves as non-singers and create the magic of harmony and joy with them in a remarkably short time."

 Ann Mortifee, Internationally renowned singer and performer; and Chair, British Columbia Arts Council.

"Denis Donnelly's musical ability can be taken for granted. What is less well known, but shines through as soon as you get to know Denis, is the love and passion he brings to his subject. He has an ability to share that enthusiasm and commitment with people who do not have his talent. He instills confidence and by providing support and gentle guidance encourages others to explore their potential in a field that may be quite
unfamiliar to them.

"There can be no doubt that the experience of singing in a choir is a great learning experience and a choir is a great metaphor for the organizational complexity and potential of corporate life. In both, the creativity of the whole can be so much more than the sum of the parts. But for this to be so great leadership and team work are required. Whilst recognizing and developing the talents of  the individual the unity of the group and its bonding to a common goal and purpose is everything. Denis Donnelly provides through his work the reality of this experience. Many striving to lead or indeed just to survive in the corporate world would benefit from working with him"

 Richard Marshall, Associate Fellow, Templeton College, Oxford University  (Graduate College of Management Studies)

Testimonials from former participants:

"Denis - you have created harmony over an eclectic personal appreciation of music. Deepest thanks."

"Thank you for your inclusive tolerance of all music and people. A real gift."

"It has been such a pleasure to experience a true bard! Your love of music will continue to re-shape our lives."

"The choir of voices you built was the most soul-satisfying aspect of the (experience) for me."

"I can't express the gratitude I feel for your gift of song!"

"Under your direction, our voices were like the wings of angels. Thank you for bringing us together with such gentle care."

"It is a wonderful gift that you extend to us and I receive it with gratitude. Blessings to you, Denis."