I founded Soundings in September of 2001. Soundings is an auditioned group of 26 singers who have been members of the Gettin' Higher Choir (some still are) but who wanted to explore more challenging small-ensemble music than is possible with the big choir.

The Soundings repertoire is made up of a highly eclectic mix of music from many traditions, at the core of which are arrangements that I write.  This music includes arrangements of songs by Lennon/McCartney, James Taylor, and Sinead O'Connor, among others, but it also includes choral music from the Renaissance and Baroque, as well folk song arrangements and gospel songs from both the Afro-American and white gospel traditions.

Above all, Soundings seeks to present to its audiences music that is entertaining, joyful, and tightly rehearsed.  A Soundings concert is always a diverse trip through the world of music.


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Soundings is available for concerts and short tours. We also love to work with other choirs, sharing concerts and doing “home-and-home” concerts. We also enjoy singing for conventions, gatherings, and events of various kinds, in and around the Greater Victoria area.

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