Workshops for Schools

It is well known that most school districts in North America are cutting back on the arts. I believe that this is an enormous mistake. Music and her sister arts are the foundation of many aspects of the later adult life. I seek, with the background that I bring to the classroom, to supplement any existing arts programs in schools with a direct and joyful experience of singing with children.

I have a repertoire of many songs that children love. I use my guitar and my voice to present them in a “fun” way, often using actions and stories to assist in the learning process.

A very valuable thing that can be done to maximize the benefits of my presence is to have me at a school for several days and having me meet with all or many of the classes. A joint “performance” can then be scheduled perhaps in the gym, and the whole school can sing the songs they have learned with me in their classes. Some songs will be ones that all the children know, and some will be sung by individual age groups.