Available Recordings

There are several recordings of the Gettin’ Higher Choir that I co-direct. CDs can be purchased from the Gettin’ Higher Choir website.

The Music of Denis Donnelly & Lanny Pollet

By the Hearth features quiet music from many traditions including Irish, Scottish, Japanese, Chinese, Medieval, and Baroque. I play Irish Harp and my friend Lanny Pollet, Head of the Flute Program at the University of Victoria, plays flutes and recorders. Beautiful and grounding music for gentle listening.

This CD is available at a cost of $15 (plus $3 for mailing) in Canadian funds, payable via the Paypal link below.

Click on the red song titles to hear a sample of the song.

By the Hearth – Music from World Traditions
  1. Quiet Land of Erin/The Foggy Dew (Irish)
  2. The Wild Geese (Irish)
  3. Shinju/Harbour of Habu (Japanese)
  4. Coilsfield House (Scottish)
  5. She Moved Through the Fair (Irish)
  6. Telemann: Sauve (Baroque)
  7. The Salley Gardens (Irish)
  8. Bridget Cruise/The Lea Rig (Irish/Scottish)
  9. Love is Lord of All (Irish)
  10. Song of the Mountain Stream (Chinese)
  11. Kitty Tyrrell (Scottish)
  12. Winter’s Turning (Contemporary)
  13. Los Bibilicos (Sephardic Jewish)
  14. Telemann: Dolce (Baroque)
  15. Japanese Lullaby (Japanese)
  16. Christ Child Lullaby (Scottish)
  17. The Darkest Midnight (Irish)