Denis & Rosemary - Celtic Music

Rosemary Beland & Denis Donnelly
Beautiful Celtic Music for all occasions

The combined tones of the Hammer Dulcimer and Irish Harp create an entrancing atmosphere as a feature performance or as a gentle backdrop to your event, whether it be a wedding, a conference, a party; any kind of gathering where you would like some beautiful music either as background or as featured performance.

Rosemary Beland RN, AVCM, Hammer Dulcimer
Rosemary is a classically trained musician whose inborn love of Celtic Music shapes and channels her performance on the hammer dulcimer. Born in Victoria, she has gained international recognition for three C.D. recordings of her lovely music. Rosemary has had the great privilege of performing for Queen Elizabeth II, as well as for the award-winning Canadian woman's choir "Elektra".

Denis Donnelly B.Mus, Irish Harp, Guitar
I’ve played the Irish harp for over 15 years in many settings, as soloist, accompanist, and studio musician. Together Rosemary and I play mainly Irish and Scottish music along with other genres and original material - all nicely arranged for the two wonderful instruments.

To hear how we sound, click here and here.

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