Denis Donnelly

photo by Andrew Keilbowicz

My work centers on bringing people back to the joy that comes from singing and making music together. I believe that in our North American culture we often tend to forget the joyful awareness of community that arises when we allow ourselves to work together in this way.

I love to get people singing together in harmony. In high school I formed music groups and I would pore over vocal records of all kinds to learn how the harmonies went together. At parties I would be (and still am) the guy with the guitar leading the sing-along.

All this led me to a Bachelor of Music degree. At university I sang with choirs and learned much of the wonderful choral repertoire. I followed music then into an administrative role, becoming Director for 15 years of the Victoria Conservatory of Music, which I left in 1999 in order to pursue my own musicianship.

I have worked with many choirs and vocal groups. My arrangements are becoming popular with community choirs. I also play a number of instruments, including guitar and Irish harp, and my work there has led me into many recording studios, and to the U.S, Japan, and Ireland.

If you have a project that is a fit for me, I hope that you will check out the relevant sections of this site further and perhaps contact me. I would be delighted to talk with you about it.

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All the images at the tops of the pages are derived from photographs by Walt Hubis, They show scenes from the west of Ireland, where I have spent some time. All other photography (except of the children) is by Andrew Kielbowicz, I am indebted to these two excellent photographers and I urge you to visit their sites.